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Wholesale Bubble Wrap Malaysia

Bubble wrap is a unique and irresistibly poppable packaging solution that has immensely transformed the shipping industry. Today, bubble wraps are available in varying shapes, dimensions, and strengths for expanded use.

Primary purpose of bubble wraps

Fragile Goods

Fragile items are at a high risk of breakage, especially during shipping. Bubble wraps are the go-to materials to protect your valuable, fragile items. The packaging material provides supreme protection against physical damage and breakage.

Sensitive goods

Electronics such as smartphones, cameras, computers, and DVDs, among others are very sensitive from cuts and scratches. It’s highly recommended that you wrap such items with bubble wraps to prevent wear and tear.


It’s important to note that good product packaging promotes customer experience.

With the right bubble wrap, companies can rest assured that customers will receive shipment in the desired condition. During shipping, bubble wraps effectively eliminate collision between products.

 The packaging material is incredibly lightweight and provides ease of use during storage and transportation. Bubble cushioning is an excellent protection solution against shock, abrasion, and vibration. Also, it provides utmost moisture and humidity resistance.

Some items lose their shape when stored for long periods of item. Bubble wraps are excellent in keeping items intact during transit or shipping.


Bubble wrap provides excellent insulation benefits. Some people use it to insulate their grocery bags and keep items in the desired conditions. It’s important to note that different items have varying insulation needs.

Purchasing bubble wraps

Choosing the right bubble wrap can be a daunting task given the wide variety available in the market. Ultimately, customers want the utmost quality bubble wrap cushioning. It’s essential to consider the density of different bubble wrap materials. Suitable bubble wraps should provide utmost tensile strength and puncture resistance. The well-spaced hemispheres should be well sized to provide the much needed cushioning.

Also, you want packaging that will prevent air seepage during moving and shipping.

Light bubble wraps help save a lot of logistics costs. They promote convenience and ease of use during shipping. It’s imperative to ensure product safety by purchasing from certified suppliers.

At Creative Protective Sdn Bhd, we are the go-to manufacturers for the best packaging solutions at competitive rates. Since our in-house experts are on-hand to assist, you can rest assured you’ve chosen the ideal bubble wrap for your business. With us, you have a huge variety of bubble wraps to choose from depending on your specific packaging needs. Got large quantities of items to ship? Utilize our latest bubble wrap for that extra protection.

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