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Stretch film: Buying guide

Stretch films are highly stretchable material used to wrap around different types of products. The packaging material is primarily made from Linear low-density polyethylene. Stretch films have an impressive elastic recovery, thus keeping items tightly bound. Customers have plenty of stretch film products to choose from depending on type, performance, size, and budget.

Today, stretch films are highly preferred material for superior item protection, especially during shipping. It’s a cost-effective solution to achieve minimal shipping damages. Manufacturers have developed innovative formats that are an economical solution for primary packaging.

Ultra Violet Inhibitor stretch films

For maximum Ultra Violet protection, customers can purchase Ultra Violet Inhibitor stretch films. The stretch films are highly useful items in protecting items that are sensitive to ultra-violet rays, especially during outdoor storage.


For maximum robustness and puncture resistance, you want a quality stretch film with excellent thickness profile. The film should be highly resistant to tearing forces. Some stretch films have a multilayer structure that enhances the performance of the packaging material, besides creating good bonding effect.


Despite being often overlooked, the optics of the stretch films is essential. Suitable stretch films should have superior optics, besides minimal noise when unwinding the film. Lightweight

Majority of customers prefer lightweight stretch films for their flexibility in packaging and securing loose items. Ultimately, the packaging material enhances your logistics, besides reducing costs.

Cost-effective packaging

When looking for the right stretch film product, you want a product that provides utmost value for money. It’s imperative not to seek for the cheapest stretch film while compromising on quality and performance.


Different thickness and sizes of stretch films are ideal for varying applications. High gauge films provide greater robustness and puncture resistance. We highly recommended using such films for wrapping both regular and irregular shaped items.

Also, high gauge stretch films can be effectively used to secure heavy-duty goods.

Small gauge stretch films are ideal for wrapping small items. Such films can also be used for

light items together. The stretch films are especially popular with moving companies.


Suitable stretch films should be highly versatile, hence making them ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.  Choosing from a wide variety of products is essential for customer satisfaction.

Protective packaging

Ideally, stretch films should effectively minimize product loss and prevent load tampering. Also, wrapping products on pallets can help reduce injuries. As a customer, you want a quality stretch film that will cushion your items, besides keeping them free of moisture and dirt.

Your stretch film manufacturer of choice

Creative Protective Sdn Bhd has made it easy to find the right type of packaging to securely ship and/or store your goods.   With us, you have a huge selection of supreme quality stretch films to choose from. If you looking for a reliably stretch film supplier in Malaysia, contact us today for the best bargains.

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