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Shipping Bubble Wrap Malaysia

The Ins And Outs of Shipping Bubble Wraps

Shipping bubble wrap is a popular protective packaging solution for maximum cushioning against external impact and mechanical damage. Bubble wrap is made of well-spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres that provide the much needed cushioning for both fragile and non-fragile products. Today, bubble wrap has become a necessity when protecting valuable items during shipping.

Bubble wrap in E-commerce

Shipping bubble wrap is ideal for providing utmost protection to items during storage and shipping. The packaging material has revolutionized e-commerce retailers do the way shipping. Ultimately, shipping bubble wrap helps achieve an excellent customer experience at the receiving end.

Ideal cushioning material

For highly demanding commercial packaging, clients want a packaging product with a quality bubble layer that retains air and provides unmatched cushioning performance. There is a need for shipping bubble wraps that are highly reusable, thus promoting environmental conservation

It’s worth noting that many customers today prefer a packaging material that they can use over and over again, for an extended period. This reduces the amount of packaging entering the waste stream. Use of recycled packaging material has helped reduce environmental impact.

Today, many countries have laws mandating the collection and recycling of used packaging.

Varying Sizes and dimensions

Bubble wrap is available in different diameter and length. The packaging material can be available in a single or double layer, besides lamination with a foam sheet. Bubble wrap is easily customized to bubble wrap bags of varying sizes and dimensions, based on the packaging needs. As a customer, you want a high-performance design that is ideal for the application at hand.


A very lightweight, shipping bubble wraps enable convenience, besides helping cut your logistics costs.  It involves less handling, thus saving labour.

Antistatic bubble wrap

Some items require maximum static protection. Antistatic bubble wrap is a highly recommended material for static control and provides excellent protection for electronic parts. Applications

Shipping bubble wrap is ideal for proving maximum protection for fragile and valuable items. It has also been widely adopted in cushioning heavy goods such as furniture. Being moisture resistant, bubble wrap is a highly recommended material for applications involving moisture protection.

How to use shipping bubble wraps

It’s essential that shipping bubble wrap is used correctly to achieve optimal protection. Most bubble wrap products have two sides, with one bubbled and the other flat. During wrapping, your item should be placed on the side that has bubbles. Your item should be wrapped entirely, with the bubbles touching it. Also, it’s highly recommended that the bubble wrap is sealed with tape.

If you are looking for shipping bubble wrap or related packaging solutions in Malaysia, then you in the right place. Save on your packaging costs with our competitive prices.

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