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Plastic Bubble Wrap Malaysia

Plastic Bubble Wrap: Primary Benefits You Can Expect

Bubble wrap is a unique transparent packaging material that is manufactured using low density polyethylene (LDPE). Plastic bubble wrap provides supreme protection for fragile and nonfragile items alike. The packaging material is widely preferred for its perfect finish. Regularly spaced, air-filled hemispheres give the much needed cushioning for products.

Corrosion resistance

Plastic bubble wrap is non-toxic corrosive resistant thus making it ideal for many industrial applications. Do you need corrosion protection in your packaging material? Corrosion protection is especially essential for items that are to be transported or stored for an extended period of time.

 Primary causes of corrosion include sea salt, moisture, temperature changes, and contamination. By wrapping your products, you can be confident that they are safe from corrosion during handling, storage, and shipping.


Plastic bubble wrap offers excellent insulating properties. Consequently, the packaging is ideal for providing maximum protection for temperature-sensitive items.

Waterproof nature

Given that plastic bubble, wraps are resistant to water and dirt, items stay clean and dry during shipping. Different items require varying levels of moisture protection.

Tear resistance

Plastic bubble wraps provide incredible tear resistance, thus ensuring perfect delivery of your goods. Tear resistant wrapping is essential when transporting irregular-shaped shipments with protruding parts that can cause tears and holes.


Plastic bubble wrap is incredibly durable compared to other alternatives in the market.


With their tensile strength, plastic bubble wraps can effectively withstand a lot of stress. Bubble wraps are the packaging material of choice for the most demanding industrial applications involving transit, storage, and shipping.


Plastic bubble wrap is very cost-effective packaging solution. The wrap can be stored and reused again, thus a lot of cost savings. As a customer, you want maximum value out of one purchase. For businesses, purchasing plastic bubble wraps in bulk considerably cuts costs.

Lightweight and stylish

Bubble wraps are made using lightweight material, thus enhancing your logistics and helping cut costs. They are designed to promote convenience and ease of carriage. Also, bubble wraps are widely acknowledged for their flawless finish. Plastic bubble wrap has an optimum finish that makes it very ideal for packaging in the retail industry.


During the last decade, there has been an increased need for more eco-friendly packaging solutions. Plastic bubble wrap can be made using varying degrees of recycled material.

It’s essential that plastic bubble wrap is manufactured per industry guidelines using quality assured and innovative techniques. As a customer, you want precisely designed and well-manufactured plastic bubble wrap. Contact us today for the best plastic bubble wrap deals in Malaysia.

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