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Plastic bags 101

Plastic bags are used every day for both domestic and commercial applications. The packaging products easily outperform other alternatives, especially when it comes to protecting items from external conditions. With the use of advanced equipment and technology, plastic bag suppliers have achieved better control over the quality and cost.

Primary Benefits

Plastic bags provide many benefits for households and businesses. The packaging material is incredibly versatile. Consequently, plastic bag manufacturers can design bags that suit specific applications.

When it comes to industrial applications, plastic bags are the material of choice, especially because of their excellent good tear-away properties. With a quality plastic bag, you can expect utmost rigidness and durability.

Plastic bags are available in a wide variety and are thus used in diverse industries and applications. Whether you are looking for shopping bags for business or domestic use, you can easily find bags that match your style and performance needs. When purchased in large volumes, plastic bags provide cost benefits for companies and thus increase their profit margins.


The manufacture and use of plastic bag must be by the relevant standards based on your industry, application, and location. Also, it’s critical that the plastic bag manufacturer provides a guarantee against defects. When it comes to the food and medicinal/pharmaceutical industries, plastic bags should meet all regulations regarding food and medicinal handling.

Size & Thickness

When purchasing plastic bags, you want to choose a size that suits the intended application. Dimensions for plastic bags are usually in inches. Different customers have varying needs and requirements in terms of thickness.

The most common options include:


Light duty plastic bags are ideal for light goods, or just protective covering

Medium duty

Suitable for most general purposes

Heavy duty

Highly recommended for applications where higher strength is necessary.  Many industrial applications require heavy duty plastic bags. It’s important to note that heavy duty resin materials can withstand heavy items.


There are plenty of colors to choose from to match your specific style and ensure customer satisfaction. White colored plastic bags are common in places such as Offices and Hotels, and provide an elegant presentation. The aesthetics of the plastic bag is very important for customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right plastic bag supplier

Suitable plastic bags should be well designed to ensure long-term usability. Customers want bags that will provide utmost durability, and can be reused over again without the risk of tearing. Through the use of the latest technology, manufacturers have developed modern plastic bags that provide a more elegant look, and are convenient to carry.

. The right manufacturer and supplier should not only deliver the desired specifications but also offer excellent bargains. Ultimately, customers want to receive the best value, especially when making bulk purchases

Creative Protective Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia based one-stop supplier of modern packaging solutions. When it comes to plastic bags, our company has an enviable selection of plastic bags options that perfectly combine functionality and style. Looking for supreme quality plastic bags? Contact us today for the best bargains.

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