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Foam Packaging Material: Buying Guide

Foam packaging provides long-lasting, lightweight, closed-cell characteristics that have made it the packaging material of choice for different industries.


Foam packaging is a highly versatile packaging material that is ideal for a full range of applications. In this regards, you want a product that suits your specific application.

Technical specifications

Many customers hardly go through product technical specifications. However, it’s important to note that such information helps make better purchasing decisions. Foam packaging materials have unique features that make them suitable for many packaging applications. The most profound characteristics include:

  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Dimensional stability
  • High moisture resistance
  • Low cost per cubic foot
  • High chemical resistance

Shapes and sizes

Foam packaging materials can be easily fabricated to varying sizes, and molded into complex shapes. It is a highly preferred material among many manufacturers due to its dimensional stability.

How much cushioning do you need for your products?

Both households and industrial clients should aim to provide the utmost cushioning for valuable and heavier items. The performance of a foam packaging material primarily depends on the foam quality.


With many packaging options available in the market, picking the right foam material is essential to ensure the ultimate safety of your items. The importance of buying from certified manufacturers and suppliers cannot be overstated.

Strength and robustness

Your foam packaging material should be strong enough to handle an item’s weight and fragility effectively. Choosing very robust packaging materials is especially important when dealing with heavy products or items with sharp edges.


Suitable packaging material should be cost-effective to provide the utmost value to clients. Foam packaging provides many economic benefits for both industrial and household applications. It’s important to note that purchasing in bulk can enhance your cost savings.

Vibration dampening

Foam packaging is highly recommended for excellent vibration protection, especially during product shipping. It’s an ideal material to protect items against possible damage as a result of vibration and impact shock. Foam packaging has been widely adopted for protecting shock absorbing products during long-distance transportation.

Space saving

There is an increasing demand for packaging systems that provide minimum storage.  Innovative manufacturers have designed very light foam packaging solutions, while at the same time not compromising on quality.


Clients are always looking for the most innovative packaging materials that will provide the utmost value. In this regards, packaging manufacturers should keep up with emerging trends to achieve a competitive edge.

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