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Foam Laminated Malaysia

Foam Laminated: An Overview

Lamination has been increasingly used in the packaging industry to achieve thicker and stronger packaging materials. It has helped achieve highly versatile packaging solutions that are ideal for diverse applications. Today, laminating foam is useful to clients in many industries such as electronics, automotive, consumer product, healthcare, building& construction, military, among others.

Foam laminated packaging cushions items against repeated impacts while immensely minimizing shipping costs. The packaging is highly preferred for its excellent light cushioning protection.  When shopping for ideal foam packaging material, customers are looking for high quality foam product with excellent dimensional stability.

Manufacturing process

Foam laminated packaging is manufactured through a continuous extrusion process. Innovative packaging technology has enhanced easier and more precise fabrication. Most foam laminated is made using 100% Polyester. Ultimately, the lamination process increases the density, stability, and dimensional stability of the foam product.

The most common foam lamination technique used by manufacturer is hot air heating type. Foam laminated is ideal for industrial applications where maximum heat resistance and containment of liquids and gas is necessary.

Cost Effective

The goal of foam packaging is to have a cost-effective solution that will help achieve the most efficient packaging possible. For the best economic benefits, suitable packaging material should provide maximum protection with minimal material. With impressive performance of foam laminated, clients can minimize packaging volume, thus considerable savings in logistics costs.

Varying sizes and shapes

As a customer, you should select the proper size and design of the laminated foam packaging that suits your needs. As a packaging material, foam laminated provides excellent dimensional stability.

Availability of foam options in varying densities, colors, thicknesses, and properties has promoted customer satisfaction. The right foam laminated material should suit where the items will be shipped and stored. Optimal protection is especially vital for fragile goods.


Suitable foam laminated material should have a high strength-to-weight ratio. The primary goal is achieving superior performance with less material. Ultimately, customers want a cost-effective solution and utmost protection from possible damage.

Innovative manufacturers such as Creative Protective Sdn Bhd have introduced supreme quality foam laminated, with emphasis on superior performance and efficiency

Technical specifications

Most profound features of foam laminated include tear-resistance, shrink-resistance, anti-static, and robustness. Also, foam laminated in available in different colors. It’s easy to print it with logos and brand names, thus enabling customization.

Your manufacturer of choice

Laminated foams from Creative Protective Sdn Bhd are manufactured using an innovative process to achieve robust, resilient, and elastic product. A very fine cell structure of the laminated foams enhances an outstanding performance.

Customers can choose between differenced foam laminated fabric options. It’s imperative to ensure product safety through buying from a certified supplier. Not sure if foam laminated is ideal for your application, or have any inquiries about foam laminated possibilities? Feel free to contact us today!

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