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ESD PE Foam Bag Malaysia

Choosing Your ESD Pe Foam Bag

Electrostatic discharges occur every day and are mostly unnoticed.  ESD Pe foam bag is a permanently anti-static type that provides resistance to climate, besides being shockproof.  Polyethylene antistatic material protects sensitive items from electrical discharges, besides providing a cushion effect that protects items from physical damage.

Are you looking for suitable ESD Pe foam bags? Several factors should be considered when purchasing ESD protective packaging.

Product sensitivity

It’s imperative for customers to have a deep insight into product sensitivity of different types of ESD Pe foam bags.  Information regarding the ESD sensitivity of a product can be acquired in several ways. Some customers prefer measuring the products in-house to determine ESD sensitivity.

However, the most effective ways to gather ESD information is through contacting the product manufacturer. Also, you can check the published ESD sensitivity data. With such valuable information, customers can make informed decisions, for example, with regards to the right ESD Pe foam bag specifications.

 most ideal packaging system

This primarily depends on the intended application. When it comes to ESD protective packaging, many customers prefer low charging or static dissipative products that will provide ultimate protection to ESD sensitive devices.

The manufacturer should provide specific information regarding their ESD packaging. For example, customers want to know whether the material protects from a direct discharge or exposure to electric fields. When it comes to packaging solutions such as ESD Pe foam bag, the manufacturer should provide a prompt and detailed response for any inquiries regarding product specifications.

Testing packaging products for effectiveness

Customer-centric manufacturers ultimately want to provide utmost value for customers. One of the strategies to ensure performance is subjecting the packaging product to the type of hazards that might be a possibility during storage and shipments.

When it comes to ESD PE foam bag, it’s highly recommended that thorough tests are done, especially regarding High voltage discharges to the exterior of the packaging. Tests involving drop tests and environmental exposure are also essential.

Sizes and dimensions

Customers can choose from different types of shapes and dimensions for ESD packaging. Many ESD packaging manufacturers have marked their products with relevant specifications. Suitable ESD Pe foam bag should be well sized to handle the specific application.

Distribution environment

Before purchasing ESD packaging, you want to study the environment in which the item is shipped. Also, it’s imperative to consider how the product will be handling during storage and shipping.

Regarding environmental factors, the most profound factors for ESD sensitive items are Humidity and temperature. In case of moisture sensitive items, barrier material should be used to provide protection from excess humidity exposure.

Feel free to contact Creative Protective Sdn Bhd for unmatched ESD Pe foam bags to transport ESD sensitive device or parts safely.

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