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EPE Foam Sheet Malaysia

EPE foam sheet has been widely adopted as a packaging and cushioning product. It is essentially an ‘Expandable Polyethylene,’ thus its softness and cushioning properties. Many clients are attracted by its softness and smooth surface finish. The lightweight of EPE foam sheets promotes ease of use and convenience.


EPE foam sheets are profoundly recognized by household and industrial clients alike, owing to their excellent capabilities.  With its versatility and variety, EPE foam is widely demanded in industries such as electrical, electronics, manufacturing, and packaging. The packaging material is ideal for applications requiring resilience, and non-abrasive surface.

 EPE foam sheet is available in various sizes depending on customer demand.  Based on the application, you can choose among different foam thicknesses and dimensions. When it comes to foam cushioning and packaging, your manufacturer of choice should provide a huge variety that suits your specific needs. Customers are looking for outstanding cushioning for impact energy management.

Manufacturing Process

EPE foam provides excellent thermal insulation properties, besides being waterproof. Consequently, it has a large number of packaging applications. Through an extrusion process, EPE is manufactured into several forms such as netting, sheets, and rolls. It’s essential that manufacturers test the sheet on various quality parameters. This makes sure that the final product is of high quality and durable.

It’s important that clients benefit from defect-free products that will ensure maximum value. At Creative Protective Sdn Bhd, our EPE foam sheets are made using innovative technology at highly advanced production unit. Our company utilized premium raw materials and advanced machinery.


When looking for suitable packaging materials, clients want excellent performance and longevity. EPÉ foam sheet is the ultimate packaging and cushioning product that provides maximum protection from water, chemicals, and static. It’s worth noting that EPE foam sheet is manufactured to absorb large amounts of shock. The product is thus very ideal when handling and shipping a comprehensive range of products.

 EPE foam sheet is an excellent alternative to traditional packaging materials. The material offers good heat preservation and is highly malleable. As a customer, you want your items to remain in excellent condition and receive maximum protection from compressing forces and shocks.

EPE foam sheet can provide excellent protection for delicate items that require extra care. It can be used together with other products such as bubble and foil. For industrial clients, protection from damage and degradation helps saves a lot of costs.

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