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EPE Foam Roll Malaysia

When looking for suitable EPE foam rolls, you want a foam material that is high quality and with utmost capabilities. It’s vital that foam products are well designed for packaging applications. When it comes to foam packaging, customers can choose among a broad range of thicknesses, densities, and models.


EPE foam is a versatile and unique product that is ideal as the ultimate cushion packaging solution. Essential benefits provided by EPE foam rolls include:


One of our EPE foam’s profound advantage is its durability. The durability of EPE foam rolls mainly depends on: choice of material, quality, and manufacturing method.  The foam density and tear strength are excellent. With the right EPE foam roll, you can rest assured of cost effectiveness since the material provides long functional life.

Cushioning and shock proofing capabilities

EPE foam rolls have a closed-cell structure. Consequently, the material provides excellent cushioning and shock proofing capabilities. Some products require protection from vibrations and shocks, especially during transportation. As an innovative packaging product, EPE foam provides high quality cushioning.

Strength and tear resistance

The superb resilience, strength, and tear resistance of EPE foam rolls cannot be overstated. With the advancement in packaging technology, EPE foam roll manufacturers have developed very smooth and aesthetically pleasing products, while at the same time not compromising on quality.


The flexibility of EPE foam rolls enables effective wrapping for shock-sensitive products. Also, the product provides unmatched ease of use, besides reliable operations. The flexibility and lightness of EPE foam roll promote convenience for both household and commercial applications.

Thermal Properties

EPE foam provides excellent thermal properties. The material’s low thermal conductivity makes it highly heat resistance. Consequently, it’s an ideal insulating material for not only packaging but also walls, ceilings, and roofs.

Waterproof, Moisture-proof and Chemical resistance

It’s worth noting that EPE is virtually impermeable for liquids. The crosslinking of EPE foam promotes its chemical resistance. 


Suitable EPE foam roll specifications mainly depend on the application at hand.  When it comes to the width, customers can choose between 0.5 metres, metre and 2.0 metre. Our EPE foam rolls are available in a standard length of 100 metres. GSM ranges from 40GSM to 140 GSM.

With the above features, our EPE foam rolls are an excellent replacement of traditional packaging material.

Creative Protective Sdn Bhd is a leading packaging manufacturer specializing in modern packaging solutions that minimize costs for our customers. Looking for EPE foam rolls? Our company offers unmatched expertise in packaging logistics. Contact us today for the best bargains in the market.

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