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EPE foam is a widely used cushioning and protective packing material. Today, EPE has become an ideal replacement for many types of traditional packaging material.

EPE foam is a highly versatile material with a comprehensive range of applications. As an excellent packaging material, some of the primary applications of EPE foam include:

  • Electronic products
  • Instruments
  • Computer
  • Medical equipment
  • Grass and craft products

EPE foam is extremely versatile, especially since the material provides easy shaping, formation, and cutting to size. Our products are well designed to ensure excellent vibration dampening and surface protection. Consequently, the EPE foam is not only ideal for packaging but also impact and shock absorption. As a protective packaging material, EPE is highly versatile, tear resistant, and has a smooth texture.

Suitable EPE foam manufacturer should offer excellent EPE specifications. Customers want waterproof EPE foam that is also moisture resistant and shockproof. Also, the EPE foam should provide excellent chemical resistance. Being lightweight and semi-rigid enhances convenience. It’s important to note that EPE foams are virtually impermeable for liquids. Also, high thermal resistance makes EPE foam ideal for thermal insulation.

Innovative EPE foam manufacturers such as Creative Protective Sdn Bhd have adopted the latest technology to expand Low-Density Poly Ethylene through extrusion and achieve lighter density EPE Foam sheets & rolls. If you care about environmental sustainability, it’s worth noting that EPE is a highly environmental friendly alternative.

EPE foam protection minimizes or eliminates possible damage during shipping and transportation. The material reduces labor costs and requires minimal storage space. Choosing the right EPE packaging product ensures durability thus long-lived packaging solution for both household and industrial clients.

Many industrial clients prefer EPE foam packaging solution, especially for the excellent capabilities to prevent transit damages such as breakages, dents, scratches, corrosion, and abrasions. The most ideal industrial clients include electrical and electronic industries, besides durable goods manufacturers. Having a deep insight into product specifications ensures you choose the right product that suits your needs.

Why choose us?

We are a leading EPE foam manufacturer and supplier. Creative Protective Sdn Bhd provides customized protective packaging designs that are well designed to suit market needs. We provide a prompt response for customer enquiries.

Our dedicated customer service experts are ready to provide clarification, especially with regards to product specifications and product shipping.  As our company strives to grow our resources, we are well placed to integrated unmatched packaging solutions that will provide the utmost value.

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