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Bubble Wrap to Cushion Your Products

Bubble wrap provides much-needed shock absorption to cushion fragile or sensitive objects during transit or storage. Are you a business owner? You certainly don’t want your perfect product shipped to your customer all unwrapped and damaged. It not only affects the overall customer satisfaction, but you end up spending money on managing returns. At CPSB, we care all about providing the right bubble wrap packaging so that you can store and transport your items, stress-free.

As a customer, you want a high-performance design that is ideal for the application at hand. The premium quality bubble wrap by CPSB has well-spaced, protruding bubbles that effectively protect both fragile and non-fragile items.

Pure LLDPE, Right Thickness
Wrap around heavy or sharp-edged products to keep them intact during transportation. When packaging a number of items, we highly recommend maximum stretching to keep items tightly palletized and keep them in the right condition during transportation.

Dust & moisture protection
Bubble wrap provides maximum dust and moisture protection. It’s the right packaging material to store your products without weather conditions. Bubble wrap packaging also provides UV protection in case your products are left out in the sun for a short while.

High Clarity
The transparent film provides high clarity. Apart from apparent attractiveness to consumers’ eyes, transparent packaging provides many benefits including shelving convenience and enhanced security. The style of packaging allows customers to see the physical products within before making a purchase.

The high clarity makes bubble wrap a very unique type of packaging when used correctly. As a business, using clear packaging allows your customer to make decisions regarding the specific item inside your package.

Sizes and dimensions
As a formidable bubble wrap supplier, CPSB offers quality bubble wrap that is ideal for both household and industrial applications. In this regard, the products are available in varying diameter and length. Also, customers can choose between a single or double-layer and even lamination with a foam sheet.

A double layer of the bubble wrap enhances the durability and performance of the packaging material. Also, CPSB can customize bubble wrap to specific sizes and dimensions, depending on your packaging needs. It’s worth mentioning that bubble wrap is incredibly easy to cut.

Packaging tips
How should you use bubble wrap for optimal packaging protection? The majority of bubble wrap products are two-sided, with one bubbled wrap and the other flat. During wrapping, the item should be placed on the side that has bubbles. The item must be wrapped entirely, and with no spacing between the item and the packaging material. Finally, the bubble wrap should be sealed with tape.

Looking for a bubble wrap supplier in Miri? Our bubble packaging products are cost-effective enough to wrap and protect your valuables and fragile items. If you require custom made specifications, please get in touch and we will assist you. Save on your packaging costs with our competitive prices.

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