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Choosing the Right Bubble Wrap

Today, Bubble wrap has become a common choice for protective packaging.  Its air bubble design has been tested and proven in keeping items safe even in extreme shipping conditions. With large rolls available, businesses can never run out too fast, thus increasing efficiency in operations.

The packaging material can be used for a comprehensive range of household and commercial applications. In this regards, you need to choose the right type of bubble wrap that suits your purpose.

Are you using the right size bubble wrap?

One of the most crucial factors when purchasing bubble wraps is the size. There are several basic grades, besides specially designed grades that provide unique types of protection.

Choosing the wrong bubble wrap size can be costly for both individuals and businesses. It’s worth noting that bubble wraps come with varying specifications for size and thickness.

 In this regards, it’s essential that your supplier provides informed advice on the best bubble wraps depending on the application at hand.

When it comes to their weight, bubble wraps are relatively light, thus providing the utmost convenience, besides cost savings. Small bubble wraps prevent scrapes and scratches. For example, a lot of technology companies globally use such antistatic bubble wraps when packaging lightweight devices such as smartphones and tablets. They are highly effective in protecting electronic devices.

On the other hand, large bubble wraps protect items from impact damage.  For example, many companies use such bubbles to protect items in case an individual accidentally drops a box. Given that large bubble wraps are filled with a lot of air, they are effective in protecting large, fragile items.

They also tend to be durable and long-lasting, for both personal and commercial uses.  At Creative Protective Sdn Bhd, our range of bubble wraps is well designed to provide customer satisfaction and ultimate value for money.

Packaging using different bubble wraps sizes

Some people tend to combine different bubble wrap sizes, especially during shipping. This is an effective way to provide maximum protection to your items. The technique is especially common when it comes to electronics packaging. For example, you can use a small bubble wrap to protect a TV screen from possible scratches.

Additionally, you can use a large bubble wrap on top to prevent impact damage.  Customers want bubble wraps that will ensure maximum protection of their items. It’s highly imperative to combine varying bubble sizes when shipping fragile and valuable items.

Seeking professional advice

Sometimes choosing between different types of bubble wraps can be a daunting task. In this regards, consulting an experienced bubble wrap supplier can help make a more informed decision. Looking for a bubble wrap supplier? Creative Protective Sdn Bhd is the company of choice for quality bubble products that are well designed for a wide range of industry and household application. Contact us today for a customized package.

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