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Bubble Wrap Manufacturer Malaysia

In many modernized countries such as Malaysia, people can make online orders for just about any product. As the appetite for online shopping grows across the globe, there is a need for more innovative packaging solutions to protect packages during transit.

Today, e-commerce is accounting for as much as 10% of total global retail sales. The e-commerce sales are predominately electronic, office supplies, and clothing. Consumers expect the safe delivery of their goods in the desired condition. Consequently, many companies are using quality packaging as a powerful tool to achieve a considerable and valuable edge needed to stay ahead of the curve, especially in a very competitive marketplace.

Creative protective Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of bubble wrap products in Malaysia. Operating from our plant in Perak, Malaysia, we supply different bubble wraps to diverse industries, within and outside the country.

Essential benefits of bubble wrap from Creative Protective Sdn Bhd


Bubble wrap is highly versatile and ideal for a range of items and markets. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on specific packaging needs.

Visually appealing

It’s worth noting that the aesthetic quality of a packaging product immensely influences the purchasing decision of consumers. In this regards, there is a need for visually appealing bubble wraps that are certain to impress customers. 

Competitive pricing

As a customer-centric bubble wrap manufacturer, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality packaging at competitive prices. Customers can benefit from huge discounts through bulk purchases.

Flexibility and lightness

Customers are looking for flexible packaging that will provide ease of handling and shipping. Bubble wraps take minimal space, thus enhancing your logistics, while at the same time reducing freight charges. Advancement in technology and machinery has led to more light bubble wrap with enhanced performance.


The bubble wraps are robust, durable, and designed to withstand the most demanding packaging needs. The bubble packaging provides a full range of cushioning capabilities, from ultra-light to heavy duty, depending on specific packaging needs. Customers can choose between a small bubble size or large bubble size.


The material is easily cut to different shapes and sizes


Ultimately, the primary goal of the bubble wrap is to maximum damage protection while minimizing packaging costs. Customers want high quality bubble wrap that can ensure product safety, especially when shipping goods over a long period. As a leading packaging manufacturer, our supreme quality bubble wraps are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of shipping.

If you are looking for a bubble wrap manufacturer in Malaysia, then you at the right place. Feel free to contact for more information about our products and services.

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