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Bubble Wrap Ipoh

Fundamentals of Bubble Wraps

Highly preferred packaging material in many parts of the world today, bubble wrap is an incredibly light plastic material commonly used for packaging delicate items. Bubble wraps are the packaging material of choice for extended or unpredictable distribution cycles.

Bubble wraps comprise of regularly spaced, protruding bubbles that protect fragile and non-fragile items alike. The unique and highly dependable packaging material is primarily made from polyethylene (LDPE) film.

Antistatic bubble wraps

Anti-static bubble wraps protect sensitive electronic and telecommunication components from electrostatic charges that may cause damage. The packaging material is a necessity if you want to transport ESD sensitive products and components without any damages. Anti-static bubble wraps have helped many companies to prevent massive costs due to product damages.

Tear resistance

The packaging material is incredibly tough and provides utmost puncture resistance. Bubble wrap is widely used to prevent scratches in valuable goods. When shipping your items, you want a packaging material that will provide a high tear-resistance barrier. Being tear resistance, bubble wraps can be used when shipping items with odd angles.

Sizes and dimensions

Bubble wraps are available in sheets, rolls, and bag types, based on the specific packaging needs of the customer. When shopping for bubble wraps, customers can choose from a huge variety of lengths and widths.

Manufacturers provide designs for bubble packaging per customer requirements. Consequently, the customer achieves the desired protection with minimal waste or unnecessary weight.

Small bubbles vs. large bubbles

Bubbles wraps come in varying sizes, depending on the size of the item being packed, and the desired cushioning capabilities. Small sized bubble wraps are suitable for general packing and wrapping.

 On the other hand, bubble wraps with large bubbles are ideal for additional cushioning protection due to their extra thickness and robustness. Such bubble wraps are also used for filling voids in packing boxes. Some bubble wraps have additional layers for enhanced shock and vibration isolation.

Laminated bubble wraps

Some customers are looking for extra cushioning, especially when shipping large items with sharp edges. Laminated bubble wraps are made using an additional layer of different types of films to achieve a more robust protective packaging material. It’s a highly preferred packaging material when it comes to industrial packaging.

Bubble Pouches

Bubble pouches are highly recommended choice if you are looking for fast and convenient packing for smaller items.

Your bubble wrap supplier of choice

Looking for a reliable bubble wraps supplier in Ipoh? Creative Protective Sdn Bhd provides topnotch packaging solutions that are tailored to the ever-changing packaging needs of different types of businesses. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is situated in Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia

We supply robust and highly functional bubble wrap and other packaging materials for diverse clients in Malaysia. Whatever your industry, our cost effective and lightweight packaging solutions will protect your valuable goods from damage.

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