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Bubble Wrap for Moving Malaysia

Bubble Wrap to Protect Your Items While On the Move

Bubble wrap has completely revolutionized the way shipping is done today. It is a highly preferred material for cushioning fragile items during transit and shipping.


Bubble wrap provides impressive versatility, making it ideal for a full range of household and commercial business applications. They are some of the most common packaging material you can find in the market today. Customers can choose a wide variety of sizes and dimensions, based on their specific requirements.

Heavy duty bubble wrap for moving is suitable for enhanced additional impact cushioning. Since the bubbles hold more air than standard bubble sizes, heavy duty is used for maximum shock absorbency when moving valuable goods.

Ease of use

Bubble wrap is easily wrapped around your item. Also, minimal effort is needed thus labour savings. The supreme packaging material is easy to customize.

Preventing damages

Primary causes of damages and scratches of goods during shipping include shaking contents, turbulence, rough roads, and frequent handling. Besides eliminating the possible physical damages, bubble wraps provide water resistance and protection from dust and dirt. With the right protective material, you can rest assured that items will reach your customers in the desired condition.

Void material

Bubble wrap is an ideal void filling material when moving different types of items. Bubble wrap material is incredibly light. As a result, it helps keep your shipping costs to the minimum.

Reusable protection wrap

Bubble wrap has become a sustainable protective packaging solution. The packaging material can be wrapped around multiple goods at once. It’s essential that the bubble wrap fits securely around the items.

Quality bubble wraps can be used again and again with consistent performance. It’s worth noting that many customers prefer environmentally friendly packaging options that are manufactured using recycled materials.


When moving delicate items such as mirrors, glass, vases, artwork, etc., you need a protective packaging material that will protect the items from scratches. Bubble wrap has been widely used in keeping items intact, especially during shipping.

Antistatic bubble wrap is ideal when moving sensitive goods such as laptops, smartphones, and gaming devices. For such products, you want a quality antistatic bubble wrap that will promptly eliminate all static charges.

Laminated bubble wraps provide superior cushioning through reduced air loss during shipping.

Creative Protective Sdn Bhd offers an extensive range of packaging solutions for diverse clients, both within Malaysia and beyond. With us, you have a great selection of bubble wrap for moving, at competitive prices. Feel free to contact us today for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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