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Bubble Wrap Envelopes Malaysia

Essential Features of Bubble Wrap Envelopes

Protective packaging is necessary for the safe transit of items during shipping.  Today, bubble wrap envelopes are a highly preferred packaging solution. Padded envelopes are a common feature in the global delivery online mailing business.

Size and dimensions

Bubble wrap envelopes come in varying sizes and dimensions depending on specific preference. The usable space of the envelope should be enough to fit your item.  Padded envelopes are ideal for packing magazines, accessories, books, CDs, DVDs, and console games and small gift boxes, among other small items. Some customers prefer custom styles to

perfectly suit their application.

Tear resistance

Suitable bubble wrap envelopes should be tear-proof to ensure long-lasting performance. The incredible strength of the bubble wrap material makes it ideal for applications requiring extra protection against tear. Also, being tear-proof discourages tampering.


It’s essential that the bubble wrap envelopes can seal tightly, thus ensuring that items arrive at the desired destination safely and in the right condition. It’s worth noting that some bubble wrap envelopes are self-sealing. Some customers prefer to seal the ends of the envelopes with tape, for extra strength.

During packaging, you can use another wrap on top of the bubble wrap envelope to provide extra protection. Some padded envelopes have a self-adhesive closure.

Ultimately, you want a properly sealed package that cannot be opened without visible signs of tampering.

Dirt resistance

The bubble wrap material is extremely resistant to dirt. Consequently, bubble wrap envelopes provide protection from dirt and damage.


This is an often overlooked feature of bubble wrap envelopes. It’s worth noting that customers want a padded envelope that feels nice to touch. For commercial applications, aesthetically pleasing bubble wrap envelopes are available to maintain a clean, professional appearance.


With its incredible lightness, bubble wrap envelopes help reduce shipping costs. Bubble wraps are the ideal packaging material for those looking to save packing time, while at the same time ensuring maximum protection of items during delivery.  Minimal effort is needed, thus saving labour. Also, the flexible structure of the material enables the envelope to adapt to items of different shapes and sizes.

Looking for bubble wrap envelopes in Malaysia? Contact us today for higher performance padded envelopes that retain air and cushioning properties much longer. Our padded envelopes are designed to portray a great image of your product as well as your brand.

We supply packaging solutions for diverse clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

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