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Bubble Roll Manufacturer Malaysia

Bubble wrap rolls are a flexible and lightweight material for protecting items during transit or storage. It’s a highly preferred solution when moving house or for providing sufficient void filling. Bubble rolls are lightweight, versatile, and cost-effective packaging solution

How does it work?

Bubble rolls have become the go-to packaging material for protecting valuable and fragile goods, especially during shipping. The packaging material has air-filled bubbles that effectively protect the item from external impact. For optimal protection, it’s critical to follow the instructions provided by the bubble roll manufacturer.

Bubble roll size

Bubble rolls are designed in varying lengths and widths. The material can be easily slit and perforated based on customer requirements. Different bubble rolls are characterized by varying diameter and height of the bubble. It’s important to note that the thicker the bubble to the micron, the more robust the bubble.


Customers want bubble wrap rolls that will provide optimal protection with one wrap applications only. Ideally, the bubble roll should give long-lasting protection during the entire shipping process.

It’s important to note that the quality of bubble rolls varies depending on the manufacturer. Working with a certified bubble roll manufacturer ensures product safety.

Antistatic bubble roll

The antistatic bubble rolls are made using an additive in the resin that promptly removes any electrostatic discharges.

Laminated bubble roll

Some bubble roll manufacturers are using innovative techniques to laminate the rolls with different substrates, thus effectively meeting specific customer requirements. Laminated bubble rolls have enhanced tear strength properties.

Bubble roll grades

Bubble rolls may be available in different grades based on the desired performance. Higher grade bubble rolls provide more superior puncture and tear resistance. With the right bubble rolls, you can achieve maximum protection for the most fragile items. Resistance to scratches and punctures makes bubble rolls ideal for shipping odd shaped objects.


Bubble rolls can be utilized several times over, with consistent performance. Also, some of the material can be recycled to reduce environmental impact. There is an increasing need for packaging material that is 100% recyclable.

Thermal protection

Some bubble roll products have thermal protection capabilities. Such packaging material is very suitable for shipping temperature-sensitive item. Bubble roll provides excellent protection against shock related force.

Looking for bubble wrap for your home or office? We are a leading manufacturer of a full range of modern packaging solutions in Malaysia. Our bubble rolls are available in a variety of thicknesses to match specific needs. Contact us today for a custom package.

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