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7 reasons to bubble pack your products during shipping

Over the years, bubble wrap has become the go-to packaging solution, especially when it comes to protective packaging.  Bubble pack packaging is ideal for home and business usage, as well as being the lightweight and cost-effective tool for retailers shipping fragile items. So what are some of the profound benefits of using bubble pack during shipping? Let’s dive right in:


 Bubble pack has air-filled bubbles that provide the much needed cushioning against shocks and vibrations. During shipping, products wrapped in the bubble packaging are also protected from scratching. Bubble packaging solutions have thus helped prevent product damages, which is especially essential for companies with high volume shipments. Additionally, it’s an excellent barrier against dust and dirt.

Customer satisfaction

Modern bubble packs are visually appealing and thus enhance customer satisfaction.

Also, bubble packaging is an ideal choice if you want your customers to receive their items in optimal condition.

Many shapes and sizes

Bubble packs are available in different dimensions and sizes. As a result, the bubble pack offers much versatility in applications.  Customers can choose between large bubbles and small bubbles, depending on the application at hand. With bubble packaging, you can easily find a product packaging that matches your specific packing needs.


In many countries, there is increased pressure for the manufacturer of packaging that is more sustainable. With the growth in technology, innovative manufacturers have created bubble packaging that biodegrades more than standard plastic. Also, bubble packaging such as bubble pack is made from100% recyclable materials. Bubble pack can be reused several times with the same consistency in performance.


In spite of its excellent cushioning capabilities, bubble pack is some of the most economical packaging solutions in the market today. The packaging material is incredibly light, thus saving a lot of shipments costs, besides enhancing protection. Also, it can be re-used over and over again, which is essential if you are looking to keep your packaging cost to the minimum.

Save time

Bubble pack requires less time and effort when packaging goods. In this regard, the packaging can minimize your labour costs.

Optimal material usage

Due to the superior cushioning performance of bubble packs, less material is used thus efficiency in both production and packaging. Advancement in technology and techniques has led to thinner and lighter bubble packaging with enhanced robustness and performance.

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