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Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Malaysia

The numbers of electronics shipments have been on the rise, not just in Malaysia but globally. Electricity interference can lead to costly damages for various types of electronic objects. For many businesses, there is a fine balance between protecting their items from damage during shipping and over-packaging. Experts have identified anti-static bubble wrap as a cost-effective, superior protective packaging material for shipping and storage of sensitive items.

How antistatic wraps work

How do anti-static properties work? What makes a packaging material anti-static? Is the cool pink color the secret behind static resistance? These are common questions in the minds of many customers for antistatic bubble wrap.

The packaging material is manufactured using an additive in the resin that removes electrostatic discharges. The static dissipative layer eliminates any buildup of static charges on the packaging.  Static-free characteristics are designed to provide optimal protection for ESD sensitive products and components during transit or storage.

Bubble wrap material

Antistatic bubble wraps have a single and double layer of low-density polyethylene. The protective material forms a high quality protective barrier when wrapped around shipments.

Antistatic wraps are manufactured from a conductive material that effectively discharges electrostatic.


Anti-static bubble wraps are especially ideal for packaging electronics that require additional cushioning from electrostatic charge. The material provides unmatched protection from electrostatic charges. Antistatic bubble wrap has led to considerable cost savings by eliminating product losses due to electrostatic charges.

With its superior performance, anti-static bubble wrap is a highly preferred antistatic packaging material, especially in the electronic and telecommunications industry. Additionally, anti-static wrap is highly recommended when shipping precision instruments.

When it comes to protective packaging, customers are looking for savings in time, supplies and space.  It’s important to note that the level of protection needed varies depending on the sensitivity of the electronic devices. Before purchasing particular anti-static bubble wrap, it’s imperative to consider your shipping period and environmental factors.

Additional Uses

Besides electrostatic protection, anti-static bubble wraps are the ideal, highly protective material for maximum cushioning against shock and vibration.  It’s the ideal choice if you are looking for a lightweight, versatile and economical packaging solution. Most anti-static bubble wraps are 100% Recyclable, thus helping minimize environmental impact.

Product safety

It’s imperative to purchase quality anti-static bubble wrap that meets all relevant electrical and physical requirements. Also, buying from a certified manufacturer ensures product safety.

Looking for antistatic bubble wraps in Malaysia? Buy quality protective packaging from Creative Protective Sdn Bhd at the best bargains in the market. We will help you the ideal anti-static bubble wrap that meets your specific needs and requirements.  

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